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Bee Rudd

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About:   Call me Bee! I am a certified personal trainer through NASM and I received my bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise Science from Azusa Pacific University. I struggled with my weight in my early teens and was bullied for it. By the time I graduated high school, I hated everything about myself and I decided it was time to change. My first year of college I decided to take control over my body and got my first gym membership.

Over the next few years, I lost somewhere around 50 lbs. that I didn’t really have to lose. Around my 21st birthday I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a genetic autoimmune disease that can only be controlled by a strict diet. This variable added the push I needed to develop an eating disorder. The next two years I ate hardly anything and worked out 2+ hours a day until I hit rock bottom and knew something had to change. Not only did I have to rebuild a relationship with food, but I had to relearn how to properly exercise—for health and not punishment or out of fear. I changed my major to applied exercise science because I wanted to learn everything I could not just for myself but to help others learn from the things I had not known. I want to help my clients to not only achieve their goals but to also learn to love themselves while helping them create lifelong healthy habits. Let’s work together to help you reach those goals, whether it is weight loss, building muscle, toning up, or simply moving better!