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Chris Gascoigne

From: Riverside, CA
Focus:  Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, General Fitness, Bodybuilding, Strength and Endurance, and more.

Phone:  (951) 901-3369
Email:  chris@thresholdhq.com
Instagram: @chris_gascoigne

About:  Hey, I’m Chris! I found my way into fitness through my own personal struggles with weight loss and even depression. Through fitness I gained not only a better body and more self-confidence, I also gained a better quality of life. I found that setting goals and achieving them on a regular basis helped me life a more fulfilled life. This has also been infectious and beneficial for those around me. This is why I chose to earn certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and become a Certified Personal Trainer.

I’ve always been an Athlete, competing in Professional Scooter Competitions and more. I was always really lean, in about 2010 I took a job in Portland, Oregon. The persistent rain coupled with very poor diet choices led to weight gain. I went from about 140lbs up to 210lbs in about a year and a half. It took me a few years to get serious and drop the weight. I now sit around a comfortable 170lbs, I am strong, and I feel amazing. Through the journey I learned relapse and recovery, proper nutrition, and motivation.

It is my personal goal to help as many people feel better about themselves and achieve a better quality of life that enables them to be around longer and healthier for their family and friends