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Daniel Stelzriede

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About: My name is Daniel James Stelzriede. Ever since I was 4 years old I was captivated by just about all sports. I played Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer competitively until I was 11 and then soccer became my only sport. The intensity and overall competitive nature of the sport is what drove me towards it over the others. Although I am a very athletic person, I was never one of the muscular or fit guys on the team. I was born about a month early, never was a big eater and due to soccer I ran miles every single day. The combination of those things kept me very skinny being about 110lbs my Junior year of High School. I would tell people that I was going to the gym and they would say “why?” My response was,”because I want to get buff.” Most of the time I would get laughed at with that response discouraging me to go to the gym. At the end of my junior year of high school starting in June I went to the gym everyday with my sister. That summer I managed to gain 12lbs! I got my drivers license that following September and my weight on it said 122lbs. Getting compliments from classmates and teammates only drove me to go to the gym more often and eat the way I needed to be able to gain more muscle. Seeing results finally show gave me an addiction not to the gym, but an addiction to progress.

After I graduated high school, over the summer I started lifting intensely and really getting serious about it before I started going to college. I did about a semester and a half of college before I dropped out. I wanted to take Kinesiology however, I being forced to take 2 years of GED before I would be able to take the classes I wanted. So, I decided to drop out and study what I wanted to study on my own. A couple months later I got a job working graveyard shifts at 24 hour fitness two days a week. With my ambition being greater, in just a few months I got switched to day time shifts five days a week and then promoted to a full time job in the sales department. I stayed there for about a year and I didn’t like being in sales as I felt it was very disingenuous by always being forced to sell and close, caring more about money than the people themselves. I felt like I could be doing a lot more.

A few months before I quit that job I was training for my first ever bodybuilding competition with Mike Sanchez at Threshold Training Facility as well as studying 2 different training certifications (NASM and NESTA). At about 6 weeks out from my competition (June 2017) I had quit my job at 24 hour fitness to become a personal trainer/coach at Threshold Training Facility. From training there for months I had developed close relationships with the owners (one of them being my coach) and was very excited to start making more of a difference in peoples lives! It is now July of 2018 and for over a year now I have been very happily getting my clients the bodies and healthy lifestyles they’ve always wanted as well as continuing to grow my bodybuilding career. Fitness and Bodybuilding are my passion and I will continue to follow my passion for the rest of my life!

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