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Emmett Smith

Phone: (909) 401-4234
Email: Emmett@thresholdhq.com
Instagram: @EmmettTSmith

About: With my battles of child hood obesity into my late teens, I knew there was always a way out if I just changed my unhealthy eating habits and added exercise to my life that I’d be able to get through it. It doesn’t come easy but if you’re willing to work for it anything is possible. Through my struggles I began to develop a Holistic approach to fitness and I’ve been helping my clients safely and effectively get into the shape they want and have been searching for. I believe that you can achieve only what you believe in and that happiness comes in the journey. So all I ask is that you believe in your self and I’ll help with the rest. Whether you want to build muscle, focus on key points of mobility or just looking for a friend to workout with, my personalized training regiment’s will help you achieve a wide range of fitness goals while making a friend in the process.

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