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John Paul Arregaldo

From: Ontario, CA
Age: 0
Focus: Weight Lifting

Phone: 909-702-9738
Email: jp@thresholdhq.com
Instagram: @jp_movement

About: I have always been passionate for helping other since I was young. My fitness career started when I played competitive tennis through high school and at University of La Verne. As a young adult, I struggle with setbacks, challenges and trials. Basically, in my early 20’s I found myself at one of the lowest points of my life. In short, I was in debt, heart broken, depressed, unmotivated, family issues and expelled from college. At this point I knew I had to either change my life or keep falling down the rabbit hole. Through my upward battle with myself I found fitness and fell in love with the study of movement. I knew I found my calling for help others. Since then, I currently hold a Masters in Kinesiology-exercise physiology and am a certified NSCA- personal trainer that specializes in functional training, weight loss, and sport performance. From my experience through life, academia and training I know now that the word impossible and can’t are words made up to keep people from believing and attaining their goals.Therefore, anything is possible if you believe it and work hard to achieve it. With that said,I pride myself to finding the real WHY for clients to seek training. I am not only here for you to look good and feel good but for the real WHY you come to train. For example, being able to play with you kids and not get tired or being able to walk up the stairs to your apartment and not be out of breath.I am here to help you take back your self-confidence and guide your lifestyle into a heathier way of thinking. I seek longevity for others and I am not hereto gain just anotherpersonal training client but to create a community that we allcan keep each other accountable and connected.