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Miko Flores

From: Ontario, CA
Focus: Training

Phone: (951) 204-6971
Email: watchmeekflo@thresholdhq.com
Instagram: @watchmeekflo

About:  Welcome to our family, Miko Flores.
He has 3 years of personal training experience. Prior to personal training, He spent 2 years as a high school wrestling coach. Offers a wide range of programs and services – from nutrition plans, to workout plans, and wrestling. Specializing in helping those struggling to gain weight to build muscle and strength.
After a successful career in training and competing, Miko now coaches other people to achieve the same success.
Not a stranger to the hardships of trying to gain weight. He spent countless hours studying and training to get to where he’s at today and can help you do that too in a fraction of the time!
To contact him please email watchmeekflo@thresholdhq.com or call him at (951) 204-6971