Tip: View our calendar to see what times are already taken.

IMPORTANT: Set-up and breakdown are part of your booked time. Your party will not be allowed inside before the start time, and is expected to be out of the room by the end time. Please book accordingly to prevent overtime fees.

Before booking, make sure you have read and understand our rules and policies.

How to use our booking system


1. Choose your preferred duration.


2. Choose your add-ons.


3. Choose your date and time.

Note: Your booking must start one hour after and end one hour before any existing session. If your preferred start time is greyed out, it might conflict with another booking or not allow for ample changeover time between sessions. If you feel this is an error, or if your booking runs past midnight into a new calendar day, contact us.

4. Supply your info.

Fill out our intake form so we can know about your shoot and contact you about your booking.

5. Make your payment.

We require full payment for all bookings to secure your time.

6. Get confirmation.

You’ll receive an email with info about your rental.


Having trouble? Contact us.



“Why is the listed duration of my desired session time 1 minute short?”
This is done just to help us bypass conflicts for back-to-back sessions in our booking system.

“I see you’re free late night on the calendar, but it’s not showing on the booking page.”
Our system doesn’t allow users to book sessions that cross into a new calendar day (ex. a 3 hour session starting at 10pm) but we can override that on our end. Let us know and we’ll get you on the schedule.

“I see [X] hours open on the calendar, but I can’t book a [X] hour session at that time.”
Our calendar shows the actual session times. Your booking must start one hour after and end one hour before any existing session so we have time to reset the room. We may be able to accommodate your request for that time slot; just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

“Can I book less than 3 hours?”
Sorry, our minimum rental time is 3 hours. However, if you only need about an hour to do one shoot, we recommend what some of our clients do: two shoots back to back. With your setup at breakdown time, it should work perfectly. Plus, it’s a wise use of your time and money!

Still having trouble? Contact us.